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Plumbing Services

Here at Bare Necessities we like to take a holistic approach to your plumbing needs. This way we can fully understand what it is that you require and need, saving time and money in the long run.


Taps, toilets and laundry

Bare Necessities Plumbing cover a wide variety of jobs from your every day plumbing needs, from a dripping tap to a leaking toilet. Maybe you want to get rid of that rusty looking water caused by your old galvanized pipes. No matter the problem we will have a solution and can cover small jobs to large projects.

Need new taps in a hurry or fed up of that dripping tap? Call us and we can get you flowing in no time. We also carry a range of taps on board as we often find there is at least one problem tap in a household that just hasn't got round to being changed.

Renovating and need a plumber? We take extra care with all our pipework and presentation of all things plumbing to make sure your renovation looks the part. Contact us today with your project.


Hot water

Let's face it, hot water is a necessity of life. Even in Brisbane we all enjoy a hot shower, especially with these winter months upon us. But with rising energy costs and and a focus on being green, it can sometimes be daunting when your old hot water system decides to call it a day. But maybe we might be able to surprise you? Did you know it doesn't have to cost you the earth to go green? Here at Bare Necessities Plumbing we can have you up and kicking again in no time at all with a state of the art solar heat pump with a price tag that will not leave you cold. So before you settle for the standard electric hot water system give us a call or email to discuss your options.


Property management services

Whether you are a real estate agent or private landlord with multiple properties to manage across Brisbane, Pine Rivers or Moreton Bay, having a reliable responsive plumber is a necessity. We service plumbing contracts for private and public companies covering both domestic and commercial properties (hotels, resorts, office complex). We'll help you keep your tenants happy and your assets flowing.

We are fully qualified and approved to test, service and install Backflow Prevention Devices. Commercial properties have these devices to ensure our city's water ways remain safe and free of contamination. It is mandatory for these devices to be tested once a year by a licensed plumber. Contact us as your local Brisbane plumber to perform your Backflow Prevention Device test.